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The Original


E D Goodloe

In 1971, the American scientist E.D. Goodloe discovered the formula of molecular oxygen bound to salt (sodium chloride).

This first-time success of binding oxygen atoms to a safe carrier substance was achieved by intensive research activity.

The results were affirmed by scientists at leading universities in the USA, in Mexico and in Canada.

The product has since been called "aerobic stabilized oxygen" (aso)

There is only one laboratory worldwide that produces stabilized oxygen of this purity, following E.D. Goodloe´s original formula. In this laboratory the oxygen is directly filled into bottles which are sealed, labeled and shrink-wrapped immediately afterwards. This procedure guarantees the purity of the contents.

The main difference with all stabilized oxygen products currently available:

  •  The original is based on natural salt (sodium chloride)
  •  Oxygen binding is not based on chlorine dioxide in the original product

The Brand

Meaning of Product Name:

  •  aerobic - stands for energy generation through oxygen saturation
  •  stabilized - stands for the stability of the oxygen molecules (no volatilization)
  •  oxygen - stands for oxygen, the crucial element of life


aerobic stabilized oxygen HerstellungProduction

Aerobic stabilized oxygen has been produced following the authentic formula by E.D. Goodloe since 1971.
Since then, ASO has been produced in its purest and safest form for use, by a single laboratory, as a highly concentrated solution.
Close observation of the 2-month, multistage production process is decisive for its purity and its oxygen content.
Only 100 % purely natural ingredients are used to produce aerobic stabilized oxygen.

Original aerobic stabilized oxygen GarantieWarranty

To certify that you are getting the original concentrate, a special seal with an identification logo has been introduced for Germany. This is being used on bottles and on flyers. The bottles are sealed in and shrink-wrapped with the label while still in the production laboratory.

This way you can have 100% certainty and use the product safely for years. We cooperate directly with the producer and are licenced importers for Germany and the EU. Globalis guarantees shipping to all EU states. The product offered by Globalis on the European market can be identified by the seal shown on the top right.

This protection is necessary as there are already some retailers offering own compositions or diluted stabilized oxygen. Although the bottles look quite the same, their contents are significantly different.

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