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Specialized Trade


The Globalis Company – Living from Within - is a direct partner of the only producer of aerobic stabilized oxygen world-wide. As the chief agency in Germany, Globalis supplies stabilized oxygen to wholesale and retail traders all over Europe.

Qualified special dealers can be registered as resellers by Globalis – Living from Within. You will receive a certificate authorizing you to retail sale of the original aerobic stabilized oxygen.

This certificate will guarantee the customers that you are selling the original product.


1989 The name Globalis is created as a synonym for unique health products
1992 First literature concerning oxygen is evaluated
1993 Various oxygen products are compared and tested
1994 Stabilized oxygen for water purification is offered for the first time in Germany
1999 General distribution agent for aerobic oxygen, export to other European and Asian countries, support of water purification in India
2004 Changeover to aerobic stabilized oxygen as a pure concentrate in food grade quality
2005 Development of the quality seal to guarantee original quality to consumers
2006 Start of world-wide certification of ASO distributors by Globalis – Living from Within
2008 First export of Original Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen to other european countries
2009 Delivery to nearly all European countries, as well as Asia and Africa
2010 Extension of patent-office registration concerning aerobic stabilized oxygen and the trademark logo

 80.000 ppm stabilisierte Sauerstoffmoleküle

aerobic stabilized oxygen
includes 80,000 ppm stabilized oxygen molecules.

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